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An ironic Giant

on May 17, 2012

I’ve been unfaithful to Reggie.

The object of my desire is slim, smooth and oh so handsome. When I saw him, I knew I had to have him. I’m not usually so impulsive, but the body… oh my god, the body on him. Compared to Reggie… well Reggie is a dinosaur. And so I took Andre home.

Andre is my new bike.

Well, new to me. It’s a Giant SCR2 racing bike.

This is Andre.


I would give a full breakdown of the spec, but quite frankly it might as well be in Aramaic. Or Swedish. In fact, I think it might be. Tiagra does sound like a dining room set you might buy from IKEA.

Now, I have to admit something. One of the reasons Andre is in such good condition is that his previous owner didn’t use him all that much. He wasn’t put through the rigour of a 100 mile sportive, or a regular commute. You see, Andre’s previous owner was an eleven year old girl. She outgrew him. But he’s spot on perfect for thirty year old me. Which makes sense considering I’ve not grown an inch since I myself was eleven years old. Sad but true. Every cloud though – her pubescent growth spurt is my bargain bike. Yay!

And so I am now the proud owner of Andre the Giant, size 2XS and practically perfect in every way 🙂





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