general ramblings from a wannabe triathlete, confirmed foodie, and nutrition nerd

About me :)

A post all about me?

If I must.

I was born on a dark and stormy night…

Or rather, I was born at ten to nine in the morning. But that’s probably the path to far too much detail, so I’ll start again.

I’ve not lived a normal life, if such things exist. Which I suspect they don’t, but if normality were a bell curve, I’d definitely be off the edge of the graph.

My upbringing was fairly standard – lovely Mum and Dad, siblings, school, etc. But alas, I was not. I was what you call a ‘sickly child’. The day I was born the world’s population of pathogens must have celebrated. My birth must have been like the grand opening of a Club 18-30 holiday resort designed especially with bacteria and viruses in mind. They flock to me – I swear there’s a microscopic neon sign above my head saying ‘Sarah Welcomes Parasitic Lifeforms!’ because the little buggers have a fondness for me I can’t explain. That, and spending my formative years in a wheelchair thanks to having the joint and muscle health of a ninety year old, all led to me having slightly different experiences than my peers.

Hence my position on the periphery of the bell curve.

Anyway. That’s not really about me. That’s my history, which is merely part of who I now am.

If you want to know about me, then I’ll tell you.

I like knowing things. Not in a nosy, who was that man who went into Mrs. Next Door’s house yesterday? kind of way. But in an insatiable thirst for knowledge kind of way. I need to know things. How does that work? Why does that happen? What caused that? Sometimes I wish my brain would shut up.

I’m recently married (to my Prince 🙂 ) and have relocated Oop North where I am continuing my studies with a PhD. I’m a dietitian by trade, have a particular interest in sports nutrition and like to test the science on my Prince, whether he likes it or not.

I like to do sporty things. Going to the gym, swimming, running, group classes (the Les Mills classes Body Combat and Body Pump are my favourites) and triathlon are the things I’m doing most at the moment, injury permitting!

I’m obsessed by food. Cooking it, experimenting with it, learning about it, growing it. I would happily spend my days reading/writing recipes, playing about with food in the kitchen and then feeding my experiments to unsuspecting victims. Because you can’t tell people what’s in something or it will skew their reaction. Like the time I made some reduced-fat muffins, substituting the eggs and butter for low-fat mayonnaise. They worked brilliantly, until I revealed the magic ingredient. Then they tasted weird. Hmm…

I love chocolate and cheese, and gravy and custard (not together. Although…), strawberries and pineapple, carrots and mash. But not Brussels sprouts – those little green orbs are the testicles of the Devil himself.

The Doctor (as in Doctor Who) is my hero, and if he (preferably his 10th incarnation – hubba hubba!) turned up in his little blue box and asked me to travel with him, I’d be there in an instant.

I’m a bit of a muddle, truth be told. I like being silly, playing on swings (sooo much better as an adult than as a child!) and getting muddy, but am also the person people go to when they need advice or help. Grounded and sensible, calm in a crisis and happy to help.

Old before my time, but in a body the size of an eleven year old (have I mentioned that I’m hobbit sized?) and frequently mistaken for a teenager.

Other than that, I’m as normal as they come 🙂


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